The Wedding Invitations That Were

As I'd mentioned previously, I was a blushing bride just this┬ápast September. Since I'm a lady who cannot get enough of┬áthe process and the details, I thought I'd dedicate a couple of posts to that most glorious of days: (capital 'm', capital 'w') My Wedding. <Insert birds chirping and celestial voices singing> It's been said … Continue reading The Wedding Invitations That Were

Halloween: The Strangest of Teas

You know, I'd really intended to have this finished and posted by Halloween, but it didn't quite happen. I suppose I'll forgive myself for that as this catches me up-to-date on my previous tea parties. And, really, who is here to chastise me for procrastination at this point anyway? Ah, Halloween. It's just the wonderful, … Continue reading Halloween: The Strangest of Teas

The Enchanted Bazaar Tea

Let me start by saying that I have an exceptionally patient and loving husband. Last year, when I said I was going to start throwing tea parties, he whole-heartedly threw in his support; but I'm afraid he didn't really know what he was getting himself into. You see, if I am the architect of these … Continue reading The Enchanted Bazaar Tea