The Wedding Invitations That Were


As I’d mentioned previously, I was a blushing bride just this past September. Since I’m a lady who cannot get enough of the process and the details, I thought I’d dedicate a couple of posts to that most glorious of days: (capital ‘m’, capital ‘w’) My Wedding. <Insert birds chirping and celestial voices singing>

It’s been said thousands of times by this point, but how in the world did anyone ever plan a wedding before Pinterest? I mean, given, it can definitely overload the brain and there comes a time when artistic vision and budget must needs be reconciled, but what an invaluable visual tool. I first started my wedding board right after my engagement (Yes, I waited!) and I was just pinning preliminary ideas without any real focus or theme: just whatever sparked an interest. After a while, a common thread emerged: greenery and florals. We knew we were going to design and print our own invitations, so it all started with the inspiration images below.

Links: One, Two, Three
Links: One, Two, Three

So these gave me the shape I wanted: sort of a laurel wreath. I’d also been pinning tons of  lush florals in pinks and maroons and mauves, such as the images below.

Floral Inspiration Collage 2
Links: One, Two, Three, Four

Apparently painterly florals were trending in 2014. Go figure! These were all rather uncharacteristic choices for me, as I tend to go more for the autumn hues. I was, after all, getting married in the fall and my friends were convinced I was going to have a plaid gown made. Not to be. My bridal brain said PINK!

For the save-the-date, we knew we were going to send e-cards using my tried and true Paperless Post. Our friend Kate had already started the art for the invitations, and I wanted the save-the-dates to feel like a preview by showing some of the pieces in progress.


The colors here are much lighter and more muted than those of the deeper, more lush invitation, as you’ll see. I set up the pieces on an old white-washed chest I have to introduce a more rustic element as we were getting married in a barn (Yes, I got married in a barn. I get a hipster point for that!), while still maintaining a bit of elegance. The image above was presented in an email with a scalloped postcard border. The recipient then clicked on the image that revealed the backside information and then led them to a website where they could enter their physical addresses. This was such a great way to gather and keep track of these! Plus, the site tells you when someone has viewed their card, which helped us track down any stragglers.

For the actual paper invitation, we took Kate’s finished pieces and worked with them in Photoshop, using some free fonts from dafont, and printed them on Paper Source note cards in Blush.


And here’s the whole invitation suite, including the envelope, RSVP postcards and wedding website insert (both created, again, in Photoshop with fonts from dafont).

Invitation Suite Invitation Packaging

And off they went, making everything official! Then the real fun began….

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