A Toast to Dear Ol’ Rabbie Burns!


Preparations are underway for our very first Robert Burns Night Supper. The fact that I have never attended nor held a Burns event is somewhat astounding as I am a devoted Britophile and a staunch tartanist. In a week’s time ye shall ne’er be able to say’t agin!

The BBC’s guide to a traditional Burns Night supper is a terrific reference. I also quite liked Ma Broon’s Burns Night Guide; which is a delight, a bit less stodgy, and includes some – what look to be – delicious recipes.

To be sure I will have a post with photos from the great feast soon! Until then, I shall leave you with this well-loved little poem by the Scottish bard himself:

She asked why wedding rings are made of gold;
I ventured this to instruct her;
Why, madam, love and lightning are the same,
On earth they glance, from Heaven they came.
Love is the soul’s electric flame,
And gold its best conductor.RabbieBurns

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