Unsolicited Advice from a Recent Bride

Before I tied the knot last September, I was constantly looking up advice on all things wedding related. Phrases like "what would I do differently" or "wedding advice" or "bridal regrets" were somewhat frequently typed into my search engine of choice during my planning period. This post from Christy at Avoiding Atrophy was my hands-down favorite and inspired me to … Continue reading Unsolicited Advice from a Recent Bride


Valentea: Key to My Heart

Thank you, Valentine's Day! Smack dab in the middle of a bleak midwestern winter, the bright reds, pinks, and pastels are exactly the little visual kick I needed to help me slog through the slush and blahs. Bryan and I don't always make a big deal out of this Hallmark mandated holiday as we're sort of that "Valentine's Day … Continue reading Valentea: Key to My Heart

DIY Party Badges

You may have noticed the Robert Burns badges we wore at our Burns Night Supper a couple of weeks ago. They were super simple to make, so I thought I'd do a little DIY post. Look at me! I'm DIYing! OK, truth: I'm really not terribly crafty. Ahem: Onward.... Supplies Printer Paper Card stock, paint … Continue reading DIY Party Badges