A Floral Crown for St. Patrick’s Day


If you’ve read some of my previous posts, it should be no surprise to you that I adore Ireland and pretty much all things Irish; however, I will admit that I am not a big lover of our most Irish of holidays, St. Patrick’s Day. Gulping neon green beer whilst wearing a blinking shamrock headband isn’t really my idea of a good time and could not remind me less of the gorgeous natural beauty of The Emerald Isle. As I was trying to think of a way to celebrate in a more appropriate manner this year, Emily came up with the perfect activity: a St. Patrick’s Day inspired floral crown class at Forget Me Knodt!


Forget Me Knodt is an adorable little flower and gift shop in Chicago owned by florist Janessa Knodt, whose love for floral design is a family affair going back generations. As we giddily chose from a wide variety of flowers (including green dyed carnations for the St. Patty’s diehards) and greeneries to use for our one-of-a-kind creations, we sipped a sinful whiskey punch courtesy of Femme du Coupe and devoured a delectable assortment of cheeses and crackers. It was a full house that night, but everyone earned their sharing badges and it was a marvelous time. You can see some of the other beauteous crowns on Forget Me Knodt’s Instagram; they were all so unique!


I knew I wanted to create something very rustic, natural, and reminiscent – to me, anyway – of lush Irish fields, wildflowers, and wood fairies. I chose to focus mostly on greenery and other leafy materials, with only three small spray roses to anchor.

Floral recipe
Spray roses
Dill – the greenery with the yellow blooms
Fern – two different kinds
Purple seeded eucalyptus – I’m not 100% certain, but it’s very similar.

What a fun experience! I have always wanted to work with floral, and I can’t wait to take another class from Janessa at Forget Me Knodt! If you are in the area, absolutely stop in or sign up for a class.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope it is festive, fun, and safe!


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