19 East Event Gallery Open House

I had the privilege of attending the 19 East Event Gallery open house with Soirée Weddings & Events this past Wednesday. I am in LOVE with this space, and the vendors all did such an amazing job of putting together this lovely event: check out that posh lounge by Bowery and Bash! Can I move in, please? … Continue reading 19 East Event Gallery Open House


Memorial Day Weekend Weddings

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and that means, not only remembrances, tributes, and parades, but also weddings! We're headed to one ourselves this weekend, in which my husband will be one of two best men. Not gonna lie: I can't wait to see him in that tux! I did a little Memorial Day inspiration post on the … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend Weddings

She’s a Gem: One Rockin’ Birthday Party!

When our friend Sarah - who has lived in Colorado for the last few years - mentioned she would be in town in April on her birthday...and, oh, she had never been to one of my tea parties...well, I knew I needed to remedy that! I have to admit, though, this party was put together rather hastily and my … Continue reading She’s a Gem: One Rockin’ Birthday Party!