She’s a Gem: One Rockin’ Birthday Party!


When our friend Sarah – who has lived in Colorado for the last few years – mentioned she would be in town in April on her birthday…and, oh, she had never been to one of my tea parties…well, I knew I needed to remedy that!

I have to admit, though, this party was put together rather hastily and my theme started getting a bit away from me. I wasn’t certain I was going to be able to reign it all in in time, but invitations had already been sent. Thankfully, it seemed to turn itself out rather nicely in the end.


Oh, you know I’m a big fan of Paperless Post for all of my e-invitation needs!




Look at those adorable crowns! Aren’t they the cutest? You can print out the free templates for yourself from Mamie Boude. I also made little Field Notes guides for everyone as place cards. You can’t tell, but I used the same colorful paper as the garlands.

Those garlands were very simple to make: just time consuming as there were a lot of little pieces of colored paper to cut and string. You can find a template for the geometric shapes dangling from the ceiling and the curtains HERE.









As you may be able to discern with your keen eyes, I went with a rocks, gems, and bright geometric shapes theme. You see what I mean? This all could have gone horribly wrong. I borrowed a large amethyst and some good old southern Indiana geodes from my parents. I inherited my love of rocks from my father, so I have quite a little collection of these small treasures from my travels. I also took some regular garden rocks, of the unsentimental variety, and painted them with bold colors. It seems like a small detail, but I think – hands down – this was the thing that tied my two rather disparate themes together. Rock! Literally!

The gem sun catchers were made using another tried and true Martha tutorial (Seriously, we should make a drinking game out of how many times I type “Martha tutorial”…aaaand we’re drunk). Instead of hanging them, though, I simply taped them to the windows. Wouldn’t you know that the sun decided to hide away once the party began? Well, at least they brightened up the grey day!





Wonder Twin powers activate! Shape of a scone! Form of a pot of tea!









She’s a Gem Tea Menu

Adagio Rooibos Earl Grey – I love a good Earl Grey; this one is so smooth, & caffeine-free!
David’s Tea Nepal Black – Simple, quality tea: a good pairing to cut the sweet.
Teavana Strawberry Misaki or Peach – Lovely blooming teas

Sriracha Deviled Eggs – My new favorite deviled eggs!
Cucumber Slices with Red Pepper Hummus & BBQ Chip Garnish – Fancier than it sounds!
Smoked Turkey & Swiss Sandwich Skewers with English Mustard – A big hit!
Blood Orange Scones – Choose your favorite scones recipe and embellish!
Chocolate Jam Cake – Chocolate cake and raspberry jam: nuff said!
Cinnamon Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting – Best peanut butter frosting ever.
Chocolate Gem Bites – So easy to make!

If you would like to see my inspiration board, you can head on over to my Pinterest. So many pretties, so little time to make them all happen!

Thanks always to Emily Schwartz for wielding her camera! I’ve sprinkled a few of my own shots in there as well.

It was so good to see Sarah and to celebrate bright friendships!



2 thoughts on “She’s a Gem: One Rockin’ Birthday Party!

    1. Aww, thank you! And thanks for the inspiration, too. The blood orange scones were a huge hit. Everyone was impressed that I’d candied the oranges, but your recipe was very easy to follow! 😉


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