19 East Event Gallery Open House


I had the privilege of attending the 19 East Event Gallery open house with Soirée Weddings & Events this past Wednesday. I am in LOVE with this space, and the vendors all did such an amazing job of putting together this lovely event: check out that posh lounge by Bowery and Bash! Can I move in, please?

With an iPhone in one hand and a refreshing cocktail in the other, I thought I’d snap a few shots of this elegant affair in its remarkable setting.


This stunning venue was recently acquired by Food For Thought, who provided the delectable nosh for the afternoon.



You guys, look at that floral by Exquisite Designs! I was practically swooning!



I was barely able to handle the industrial chicness of it all. Sigh. I love. Perhaps I can talk Bryan into a first anniversary party there. Hmmm….

FYI: I’ve cross posted this on ye olde Soirée blog, as well, in a slightly less gushy tone. Slightly. Less. Gushy.

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