My (Vibrant) Valentine


I’m not a huge fan of traditional Valentine’s pink and red; it’s just a little cutesy for me, I guess. When putting together the space and tablescape for our Valentine’s dinner, I was inspired by a sort of moody/vibrant contrast: dark backgrounds with pops of color.






I absolutely do not claim to be any kind of artist, but I  really wanted a piece of art to anchor our table. I created what I’ve termed my “modernish” painting with regular craft paint and watercolors on muslin. And, yes, I tacked  dark blue tablecloths to my wall…as you do. I do think the pink runner and ribbon details were more successful in person than photos, but whatcha gonna do.



Have I mentioned yet how I really do not cook? Yeah, not so much. My husband typically does all the shopping, meal planning, and cooking but I really wanted to treat him for Valentine’s Day. On these rare occasions that I do take over culinary responsibilities, I always try to choose exceptionally easy recipes. KISS is my mantra: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Brown sugar dijon pork loin – My husband raved about the rub on this.

Rosemary mashed potatoes – Easiest side ever so, yeah, that’s what I made!

Lost Viking Spice green beans – Bryan loves Norse mythology, so I made him a viking spice blend for Christmas, and it was great on the beans.

Mixed berry envelop pastry – I used THIS recipe for the filling and THIS recipe for the execution. Incredibly delicious and easy. I made two pastries and have a ton of filling left, which I’m not at all sad about.

Sugar cookie hearts – Oh, is it Valentine’s Day? Well, let me just make you a cookie.

The Harvest Sparkle cocktail  – Really great!




This is what it looked like just before dinner that evening. You’ll note that I hadn’t made my sweetheart envelopes yet. I was too busy running around like a crazy person.



You can check out my inspiration board over on Ye Olde Pinterest. Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s: whether you were with your sweetheart, your friends, or were practicing some well deserved self care!



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