St. Patrick’s Day: a Bit o’ the Irish


If you know anything about Chicago, you know it goes full tilt ‘Irish’ pride for St. Patrick’s Day: green beer, shamrock face painting, leftover green Mardi Gras beads, TWO parades, dying the river neon green (side note: for several years I thought that it was a local joke that the Chicago River was dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day; because the river is actually kind of green on a daily basis). Anyway, none of this says Ireland to me in the least, and you’re not likely to find me at a bar on March 17th, unless it is Mexican and there are burritos and margaritas (a tradition a friend of a friend started years ago that always makes me laugh: Mexican on St. Patrick’s, Irish on Cinco de Mayo).

All that being said, when it was time for me to pick a place or host our monthly ladies’ dining and togetherness evening, I decided it might be nice to have a somewhat more authentic Irish experience.




There will never be enough candles for me. I’m a fire sign; bring me all your fires. I used the plain backside of a quilt for the tablecloth and a lovely doily for the fairy circle centerpiece, both gifted to me by my dear aunt.


Have we talked about my china yet? It is Flintridge Thistle, and I just love it. I purchased the original set in a now gone-forever thrift store (RIP, Penn Dutchman) and have supplemented with pieces from






The rocks in this case were all gathered from various spots in Ireland.




Look! I did more ‘art work’. You’re welcome.



I followed this fancy paper chain tutorial using some craft paper that was on sale at JoAnn. Other than the paper, some ribbon, and the faux floral piece in the center of the table, I didn’t purchase much else for decor. While it is always my goal to do everything on a slim budget, part of the fun for me is also to reimagine not only my space, but also my things. It’s kind of a game.


The ladies are here! The ladies are here!




Oh, hey, tiny shamrock pin I bought outside Blarney Castle in Ireland in 1999; what’s up?







O’Brien Irish stew – I made close to double batch in two slow cookers for about 8 hours. I added the potatoes, turnip, and carrots about halfway through so they didn’t turn out to be a mushy mess. Delish dish.

Irish soda muffins – Crazy easy and very good: this recipe is a keeper!

Irish whiskey brownie pie – This was a hit with the ladies but, I have to admit, I thought it was kind of a pain to make.

Irish whiskey green tea punch – Any time you put tea in a punch, I’m a fan. Yum, thank you very much.

Irish coffee: Because of course.


Thanks to Emily and Bryan for wielding the camera to capture some of these images! Here’s a link to the Pinterest board for some additional inspiration. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! Stay safe!




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