Be a Jetsetter!


Have you been on Jetsetter? It’s like Pinterest for luxury travel – only with insider deals, unique experiences, and thoughtful insights on each partner property. Yeah. It is totally my new jam.


To launch their new Wanderlist feature, Jetsetter hosted a contest where users created inspirational dream vacation lists. The fun part was that they really did leave it up to the users’ imaginations. Considering my most recent excursion, it’s probably no surprise that, for my list, I decided on an epic coastal California trip from San Francisco, up through Napa and Sonoma, and down to Carmel and Big Sur.


Well, guess what: I won! Isn’t that crazy? I had such a blast putting together a both practical and fabulous itinerary for My Dream Destinations 2017 Wanderlist. I can’t wait to take this luxurious journey someday!

Head on over to Jetsetter to start planning your next getaway! You can also view my other Wanderlists HERE. Bon voyage!

*Note: This is not a sponsored post. I truly do love Jetsetter!



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