about guildencrantz


Life is about creating and sharing experience….

I truly love transforming and reimagining a space. It is so gratifying seeing a vision come to life and the glowing faces of guests enjoying themselves! I’ve been curating and creating parties since 2013 and they’ve run the gamut from a traditional English tea to a fairy tale Moroccan tent to Halloween parties with story elements and full scale, formal Burns Night Suppers.

This love for experience extends into travel, as well. Creating an itinerary that includes the most enchanting haunts of any destination and imparting helpful tips is especially satisfying.

Do you throw your own magical gatherings? Are you also a travel enthusiast? Leave me a comment! I love finding new sources of inspiration. If you’d like to drop me a direct line, email guildencrantz5@gmail.com.

– Jennifer

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2 thoughts on “about guildencrantz

  1. Jen I love your blog! Can’t believe it’s taken me 2 years to sign up after hearing your husband talk about all the magic you make. So glad I now get your account. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Keep doing it!


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