Burns Night 2022: Cancelled

Sad to say, friends, but we've decided to cancel our Burns Night dinner this year. With Omicron rearing its ugly head and friends with littles who aren't yet able to get vaccinated, it's for the best. In case you're curious, here's the Save the Date we sent out at the top of the month when … Continue reading Burns Night 2022: Cancelled

Virtual Burns Night Preparations

Well, here we are, friends. At home. Still. As we must be. But we cannot let this year's event slip us by...what and break the streak of merriment? Oh, no! This is, after all, for us lucky number seven! I've just hit send on our Burns Night invitation for the year, which included that charming … Continue reading Virtual Burns Night Preparations

Burns Night 2020 Come & Gone

The candles have been extinguished, the bottles corked, the third load of dishes loaded into the dishwasher, and we are cozied up under blankets watching what seems rather appropo on this day after revelry: Ken Burns Prohibition. I am excited to share with you all of the glorious details of this year's most wonderful of … Continue reading Burns Night 2020 Come & Gone

Burns Night Playlist!

You're setting your menu, deciding on decor, and making sure you have enough china and flatware. Did you order your presentation haggis? What scotches will you be tippling this year? What about music? Music!! Never fear. I am here to help, friends: Burns Night Playlist - By guildencrantz5 My husband and I have been adding … Continue reading Burns Night Playlist!

Burns Night: Burnsing Down the House!

Surprise! And you thought I'd forgotten to post last year's party...shame on you! 😉 Yes, yes, we all know that I am slow to post; however, as a person who is constantly scouring the Internet to find good Burnsy inspiration, I feel it is my obligation...nay...my DUTY to share our humble celebration of the Scottish … Continue reading Burns Night: Burnsing Down the House!

Burns Night: More Toasts to the Lassies & Laddies!

My beloved Bryan and I decided to take on the toasts earlier this year for the very first time...and then proceeded to wait until the very last minute to write them! When do I think the actual best time to start writing your speech is, you may ask: February 1 the year prior! Ha! Last … Continue reading Burns Night: More Toasts to the Lassies & Laddies!

Burns Night Come & Gone

*11/13/19 Edit: Oh, how adorably ambitious I was; and here we are several months later. Well, I really am working on finishing up the 2019 post. It's getting there, so check back in the next couple of weeks! Burns Night 2019 has come and gone. The china is put away, the new house (We bought … Continue reading Burns Night Come & Gone

Burns Night: The Immortal Memory!

If you're like me this year, you may be running a bit behind on setting your menu, laying out your table, and prepping those all important speeches, toasts, and entertainments for the big supper coming up. Hopefully I can here offer a bit of assistance! The Immortal Memory In years past, we have opted out … Continue reading Burns Night: The Immortal Memory!

Burns Night Madlib!

Looking for something a little different, a bit inventive, and a whole lot of fun for your Burns Night gathering? How about a Madlib?! For last year's celebration, our friend Jennifer put together the below Madlib using Rabbie's "A Red, Red Rose" poem, and it made for much hilarity! It just so happened that one … Continue reading Burns Night Madlib!