Burns Night: Toasts to the Lassies and Laddies!

The toasts to the lassies and laddies can be an hilarious - often endearing, enlightening, and raucous - part of any traditional Burns Night. It's an element we skipped the first year, as it seemed a lot to put on ourselves or request of guests who, at the time, hadn't the slightest inkling of what … Continue reading Burns Night: Toasts to the Lassies and Laddies!


Burns Night for the Wee Bairns!

My friend Kristine has an adorable, precocious daughter named Morgan. She always keeps us laughing and is such a joy!  As I was putting together our regularly scheduled Burns supper, I kept seeing these cute ideas for including children and thought that it would be so much fun to plan a separate, decidedly less adult, Burns … Continue reading Burns Night for the Wee Bairns!

Burns Night, Naturally!

Tonight is officially Burns Night, but my friends and I  raised our glasses in celebration of the great Scottish bard this past Saturday for our Third Annual Burns Night Supper. It happened to be the day of the Women's March, so many of our ladies and some of our men marched and then spent an evening … Continue reading Burns Night, Naturally!

Burns Night Preparations!

We have been working our tails off to ready for the annual Burns Night Supper this evening. We're so very excited! I promise to share details in a post next week. Promise. 'Til then, I shall leave you with this: Ye banks, and braes, and streams around The castle o' Montgomery, Green be your woods, and fair … Continue reading Burns Night Preparations!

Burns Night: Burns, Baby, Burns!

As I prepare for Burns Night 2017, I'm reflecting on the successes of both our First Burns Night, as well as last year's festivities - which I never got around to posting. Perhaps it's because I accidentally set myself on fire...hmm. Yeah, that happened. Farewell, adorable bolero jacket! But no, dear friends, 'twas merely a … Continue reading Burns Night: Burns, Baby, Burns!

DIY Party Badges

You may have noticed the Robert Burns badges we wore at our Burns Night Supper a couple of weeks ago. They were super simple to make, so I thought I'd do a little DIY post. Look at me! I'm DIYing! OK, truth: I'm really not terribly crafty. Ahem: Onward.... Supplies Printer Paper Card stock, paint … Continue reading DIY Party Badges

A Fair Sonsie Burns Night 2015

Our very first Burns Night Supper was a rousing success! It was a gorgeous evening filled with much laughter, and we couldn't have asked for a lovelier, more fun, or hilarious group of people with whom to share it. Transforming a space is what I love best, so I was very excited to try my hand … Continue reading A Fair Sonsie Burns Night 2015